Halloween 2017

Halloween in Palm Springs California is really something different.  Let’s put it this way, people are very free with themselves but the costumes were on point.  I was there with my brother as we run a company together and had to work out there the 31st and the 1st.  So while down there why not take in the atmosphere.  We stayed at the Best Western. Hey don’t knock it, the rooms were amazing and it included a full on breakfast.  The best thing is that we were right around the corner from the party on S. Indian Canyon drive.  Well it was a block party to be more specific were the streets were lined with bar’s and restaurants and at the end of the street was a big stage with a DJ playing awesome music.  Then a little while later started the costume contest.  There must have been 50 contestants.  To exhausted to wait to see who the winner was as the party continued for several more hours.  I had to get up to go to work the next day so the party ended for me at 9:00 p.m.  But I tell you it will be hard to beat Palm Springs at Halloween in the future.  Cheers!

Awesome Wigs – Epic Cosplay Wigs

Anime Conferences to the avid cosplayer never ends.  So that means the creativity in building that next amazing creation is always never ending as well.  But what about the wigs.  Unless you are a wig maker you have to purchase your wigs.  I have found that EPIC COSPLAY Wigs has some of the best selection at great pricing.  Plus right now they are having a contest.

We’re holding a special spooky Halloween contest on Instagram so if you have a public Instagram account, you may want to check this out! Take the best Halloween-themed selfie photo and you can win $30-$100 EpicCosplay Wigs gift certificate!


Check them out at EPICCOSPLAY.COM




Stan Lee’s Comic Con – Tickets on Sale




Stan Lee’s Comic Con coming up on 10-27 – Tickets have gone on sale and now get 10% off using promo code NUFFSAID.

Click here to get to ticket link.

And OMG – Major $$$ for COSPLAY Contest – Register for the COSPLAY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with over $20,000 dollars in prizes!  To enter please down the Cosmunity App!!

See you there!


Anime Cosplay – Photo’s at Makelight Studios

Recently I posted a new photography studio Makelight in Irvine, Ca. where you can choose from different settings to pose and get professional pictures taken with your special Cosplay.  I wanted to share some of the results from Lauren and her Cosplay of “Elma” from the Anime, Dragon Maid.








Photography by Nick Nack

Would love to hear from you and see your professional pictures.

Anime Cosplay Photo Shoots – Makelight Studios

If you have ever been to an Anime Conference you will know the latest options for getting pictures has been a photo shoot area with various settings for Cosplayers to showcase their talents.  Well now in Irvine California Makelight Studios has open up with that same idea in mind.  But you don’t have to wait until a conference is around.  If you live in Southern California, now you can show off your Cosplay outfits for only $10.00.  Makelight Studios gives you access to a variety of beautiful and unique settings along with a photographer.   You can find Makelight at 2 McLaren Suite D, Irvine, Ca, 92618.  Check out their Facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/MakeLightStudios/ or their website at http://makelightstudios.com/.  Check out my Facebook page for more pictures https://www.facebook.com/animemomnow/

Steampunk as part of the Community

It has come to my attention that Steampunk although a very fun and active group of creators and inventors of fantasy style clothing are not really a part of Anime.  But they are very much a part of Cosplay.  I am an avid Steampunk Cosplayer and originally took offense to this.  But further reviewing I now better understand where it has it’s place.

Steampunk is base on the idea if we had not been able to extract petrol from the earth and stayed with the propulsion of what steam had to offer how would the world look today.  I find the concept very exciting and always look forward to conventions that revolve around this concept.

I would love to hear anyone’s opinion on this as it has been a bit controversial at times.

Anime Mom is now on Facebook

Anime Mom has brought our Facebook page back to life.  Visit us at Anime Mom to view more pictures and please share with us your own pictures, visits to con’s and please please show us your Cosplays.  We love seeing pics, post, video’s and more.  Especially when a con is over and you get to hunt for your pics and video’s.  Let us showcase your talent.

Anime Los Angeles 2018 – Artist Alley

We get to that point in planning our time at Anime Los Angeles and we always say, this year I’m going to show case my art and then the time gets away.  Well now is the time

Artist Alley tables for Animé Los Angeles 2018 go on sale Saturday, September 9th, 2017 at Noon.

Link will be posted on the ALA social media pages and ALA page. Please read the guidelines at http://www.animelosangeles.org/artist-alley/ completely as there have been changes from last year.

This year is your time to shine, don’t miss out.  Ontario, Ca. January 25-28, 2018

How I got started in Cosplaying

I’ve always liked to dress up.  It’s a transformation that allows you to escape and be something else.  I mean we get to live in our own skin for our entire lives, why not escape it every once in a while. We all have since we were kids at Halloween.  Then I was exposed to the Renaissance Fair through a creative writing class in high School.  I have been going every since.  But with Cosplay through the world of Anime its a whole new story every time.  My first Cosplay was Madame Red from Black Butler.  A macabre tale but filled with such beautiful costumes.  I couldn’t resist, plus my daughter wanted to cosplay Madame’s counter part “Grell”.  How could I say no.   Then the weird world of Andrew Hussy’s HOMESTUCK hit the Anime scene through his online web comic about a boy, his friends and a game.  This became unending and there were so many story lines to pull from.  I had cosplayed ROXY and the Disciple at two separate cons.  My last one was at Wonder Con this year.  Well being that Wonder Con targets DC comics I decided to Cosplay Katana from Suicide Squad.  What, you thought I was going to say Harley Quin.  Give me a break, I’m to old.  Regardless you are never to old to Cosplay!