Contact Lenses

To enhance or take on the exact look of your character you may need to change your eye color. In fact it may also be the look of your eyeball all together. There are some fantastic lenses out there that cover the entire eye or just the iris. They come in various colors, patterns and icons. In my research I understand that the opening of the lens may impair your vision being able to see from side to side.

Get to know the lens manufactures. There are different size openings to the lenses. You want to get the widest millimeter opening without taking away from your look. Costs of the lenses vary from as little as $24.00 a set to as much as $300.00. The reason for this is the wear of the lenses. The more expensive the longer use based on time. The $300.00 lenses may last up to a year with several uses; where as the cheaper lenses may only be a one-time use.

Based on your eye color as well there are some limitations to dark colored eyes in being able to wear white contact lenses without the dark eye color coming through. Research if you can achieve full coverage of color based on the color of your eyes versus the lens color. Make sure that your lens provider has a wear and care section on either their packaging or website. These are your eyes, take care of them. 

For those of you who use prescription contacts many manufactures have the opportunity to provide these unusual lenses with your prescription. They may cost a little more but it’s not that much. Again it will be limited use. I found that standard time on lenses is from 90 days to 12 months.

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