Cosplaying is so much fun.  It really is to the point where one can express themselves as their favorite character. Plus, who does not like to dress up.  But, there are limits to cosplaying.  I’m not saying that you should not hold back, but understand the boundaries.

The limits I’m talking about cover, age, weight and the amount of skin you should show.  I myself went as Madame Red from Black Butler in 2012.  You can see me on the landing page with the group from Black Butler.  Did you see the 50 year old woman?  The way I chose my character was by reading the manga and understanding the character and its story.  This allowed me to get into how I should dress as Madame Red.   Madame Red is a distinguished doctor from the popular anime "Black Butler".  Their stories take place in England place in the late 1800's.  I tell you there was a lot younger and skinnier Madame Red’s than I, but I did create my costume around my age and weight.  I did not bear skin or over play a younger role.  There is role play to cosplay that I will explain in this segment.  So if you are going to cosplay take a look at the attached tabs for more insight.

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