Costs & Registration

I briefly reviewed cost for AX. The earlier you buy your passes the more you save. For example; for a 4-day pass prior to March 31 you could pay between $45 - $60 per person. After April 1st, you will be paying $65 - $75 per person.  At other conferences there may be additional costs to attend panels and events. Some conferences will charge an entry fee and all is included.  Others may give you free entry but then charge for various events and panels. The higher end events are always at a cost. The events are usually night time entertainment revolving around concerts and masquerades.

Registration can be done right from the site. This will also open up information on the entertainment that you can purchase ahead of time and any other extra circular activity. Let me tell you right now "day one" of the expo is just jam packed with people starting with the line to pick up your badge. It can take up to an hour depending on what time you get there. They have something called day 0. This is the day before the conference officially opens and allows you to pick up your badge without the hassle of standing in line on a hot day in July. Once you have your badge you are good to travel within a certain area of Los Angeles at no costs and participate in anything that AX has to offer. 
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