This is where you come alive. Know that when you enter an anime conference and you have a worthy costume that you will be stopped over and over to get your picture taken. This can be very exciting as people clamor for your attention.

Be ready to pose. Create your costume to the upmost detail as this will best identify who you are. The more detail the closer you are to your character. Now you can buy costumes online. But not everything will be there, such as all the accessories or weapons.  Many characters are defined by their weapons, details or totums.  It actually may define the character.  For example Kadash from Final Fantasy carrying "Mother" around in a box.  It explains more of the storyline.  Plus you become more recognizable.  Also, your character may take on different accessories depending on which story your pulling it from.  This gives you many directions to go into keeping the base of your character the same just different accessories.

Many of the add-ons to your cosplay can be homemade. 

Fooly Cooly homemade cosplay

If you are good with a sewing machine I think this is where a cosplayer really stands out. When I had made the Kaiko vocaloid costume the details all had to be applied by hand. This of course made the costume recognizable. Right down to the hand-sewn crystals on the lining of the dress.  You also don't have to start from scratch.  If you have  pieces that you can put together you may just have to put a little more into them to make them stand out.  This just takes a little arts and crafts.

In the Keito Cantarella costume seen here we used a long jacket and sewed on lace to add a more elegant look. 

Now I am not above purchasing a costume as there are some out there with such great detail that I would not even challenge this. I would just find how much more you can add to the base product before spending a lot of money on purchasing the accessories.

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