Dressing Appropriatelly

This is where I wanted to get into who should wear what. I by no means am within my doctor suggested weight. Nor am I between the ages of 12 to 35.  So I have to be honest with myself. I want to cosplay but need to do it right.

The above pictures is my daughter as Grell and I as Madame Red from "Black Butler".

 There are many anime series, video games and manga’s that have appropriate costumes to choose from. The Akatsuki clan from Naruto has these great robes that can cover anybody. This allows you put more into your costume's wig and makeup based on the character that you wish to cosplay as. You can even add a rice paper hat to add to the costume.

Bleach is another series where they wear white or black robes and fantastic masks. The robes again can cover anybody.

I get concerned when I see too much skin hanging out of a costume. And I do mean literally hanging out. So parents just give your kids a hint as to what they look like if realistically the costume just does not fit.

I know what it feels like to want to portray a sexy character and you can’t pull it off. Just don’t. You will be caught on film and video. Your pictures will be posted and you may even end up on someone's website.

Have pride in cosplaying.
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