In the prior section covering costs, I had brought up masquerade.   The masquerades are skits that are performed by the cosplayers.  Some are very dramatic, most are humorous but most of all it is the level of effort that went into the costumes that really draws the attention.  The costs per event vary based on the level of performance.  With the masquerade, if you want upfront seating you can purchase tickets in advance.  Yet if you don’t mind waiting until every paid customer has received their seat you can get in for free.  

The concerts usually have named acts that are better known in the anime world.  Concerts that have come to the anime conference include live bands and Vocaloid.  Other forms of entertainment associated to AX are Karaoke.  Of course what would a Japanese based venue be without Karaoke?  But this isn’t just getting up on stage and singing your heart out, it is a challenge!  There are contests based on age or for the very daring, where it is only you and an instrument.  There are the open times where you can let your hair down and just sing.

AX Maid Café is an interactive show.  Maids and the host are singing and dancing but not on stage, they are right at your table.  They also interact with their audience by playing games, group dances, musical performances and photo opportunities.  They don’t serve food but you can brown bag it.  Please be aware that the day performances are very tame versus the night time performances where there is an age limit of 18 or over.
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