Exhibitors Room

For the most part AX is all about the cosplay. People will spend most of their time either taking pictures or having pictures taken of them. But there’s more. The exhibitor’s room is colossal anime shopping experience all under one roof. If you came non-cosplayed (I mean in civilian clothing) and wanted to get into the rhythm of cosplaying you could get outfitted right then and there.  You can create your costumes from a large selection of ears, tails, makeup and wigs. There is also a vast selection of accessories from swords to plushies. Yes, wearing a plushy is a part of cosplaying. If you are just getting into cosplaying try on a set of ears and tails just to get you in the mood.

There is never a shortage of T-shirts sporting your favorite anime character. If you are looking for the rare and hard to find item, this is the place. I also like the unusual little vendors that you never find anyplace else like the oil perfumeries. But if you are an avid collector of the action figures and playing cards the exhibitors room is your place to hang out and scavenge for your rare treasures. The biggest draw to the exhibitors room is of course the videos and the manga’s. Search around as this is the best place to get the hard to find and too expensive video or favorite manga series. I found in most book stores that you can only find partial sets of manga’s where as at AX you can find whole series.

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