What the heck is Homestuck.  It is a web based comic created by Andrew Hussy in 2009.  It is  based on a teenager named John Egbert who comes to receive a computer game called "Sburb".  Once he opens the game he is transported into it.  Did he get transported to the game or somewhere else.  He is also joined by his friends Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley.   In order to save the world they must play the game to completion.  The story continues from there including a world of trolls who are easily identified by their orange horns and grey skin  The story of the trolls takes on a world of its own.  The trolls are classed by their blood color in accordance to their astrological sign.  The trolls blood color can be seen by the blush in their face and shading on their body.  The stories between the kids, the trolls and the antagonist morph into one another as the story unfolds.

Homestuck has become a phenomena in the world of Anime.  These characters can be found in meet ups in different public places like amusement parks and of course at Anime events in the U.S. and growing around the world.

At most conventions there are gatherings
that I write about on my site.  The Homestuck has to be the largest gathering that I had ever been to.  It was estimated to be close to 200 dedicated fans this year. Here is a picture from the photo shoot.

We had a great time at AX 2013 exploring Homestuck for the first time.  Here is Lauren sporting a Gamzy character dressed in a maids outfit.  As Gamzy is the Capricorn and clown of the group, we have added a horn to finish the outfit.

Lauren also selected to get into the Leo family of trolls.  Here she is posing as Muelin the 2nd generation of Leo's.

Ok, I got into the mix too.  As a Leo, I decided to go with the ancestor Leo "The Disciple".

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