Most conferences are held in major cities. You can find the larger conferences at the cities  convention centers. You can find some of the smaller ones held in noted hotels. They go on for several days. The largest one in Los Angeles is at the Los Angeles Convention center that draws about 30,000 anime enthusiast a year. These conventions are primarily hosted by non-profit organizations.

The costs generally can go down after the first year that you attend. If you register on line you will have the option to buy the following year at a highly reduced cost. This is based on my experience from the Anime Expo (AX) that comes out every July in Los Angeles.

The first year that we attended the daily rate that got us in the door and allowed us to attend all the panels was $45.00 per person, per day. (Panels are instructional forums) To my surprise after the conference was over I was given the opportunity to purchase the next years tickets at a reduced rate. I decided to purchase all 4 days for what was the given rate of $45.00. Heck one day for $45.00 or 4 at the same price. Even if I did not attend all four days this was still a bargain. The other opportunity that you can get through the conferences registration site are reduced rates at hotels in the area. Our favorite is the Luxe. It is in walking distance not only to the conference center but to a wonderful host of restaurants and entertainment.

At first you think, “Why are you spending time downtown”? This location incorporates several venues, Staple Center, the Nokia Theatre and the Los Angeles Convention center.  Amongst the two theatres there are various restaurants and walks. Because this is the heart of entertainment, downtown it is actually very safe. Due to the amount of people that AX draws the city provides additional police protection. I have gone to three AX conferences and stayed out there for two. Each time without incident. It is very nice to be able to take your time to get ready with the conference being so close. This is helpful, especially if you have an elaborate costume or if you plan to participate in a lot of activities.
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