Based on your costume, various makeup applications may be necessary. Many of the manga series portrays pale or white faced characters. There is a variety of makeup that you can use to achieve this look. If you like sticking to foundation makeup, lighten it up a couple of shades and apply several layers.
There are makers of face paint out there like Mehron Makeup that can incorporate additional flesh pieces to take you into a 3D look. A grease pencil can be your best friend when it comes to doing your eyes. In addition to your eyes are your eye brows. In some cases you eyebrow color will need to match your hair color. Yes, I mean even if you hair color is blue. Look at your character, what is their eyebrow color? Even if they don't have eye brows they should be neutralized in color or to match the hair color. The other reason why I mention this is that keeping the eyebrows the same color as your hair enhances the character more and takes away from your human look.
For instance when I portrayed Madame Red I used red lip liner with sprits of hair spray in between the layers of lip liner on my eyebrows. This preserved the color and kept it from running during the day. It’s already unnatural to where colored wigs with your regular pigment so why not change it.

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