A panel is a session based on a specific topic around anime and or gaming.  Panels are posted in the program that you are given at time of registration.  Some of the panels invite well known celebrities from the anime world.  Famous voice over actors like Vic Mignogna and Steve Blum have appeared at panel.  Other panels may include informative segments in “How Tos” for artist and cosplayers.  For the more serious gamers and film makers there are panels held to share incites in getting started into these industries.  These panels last between 1 to 2 hours.  In order to get good seats to the more popular panels you need to get in line at least an hour in advance.  It’s advisable to plan out your days based on what are the more important panels that you would like to participate in.  Otherwise you may find yourself more frustrated than having fun because you spent the whole day in line.  
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