A plushie is a character that has been recreated into a small stuffed toy version of itself. Plushies can be categorized into different styles. Pokémon for example have small bodies and big heads. Human based characters can be found with big heads as well but the body size is more relative to the head. Plushies that reproduce animal characters are proportional but are more distinct by their innocent traits as seen on this Chocobo from Final Fantasy.
Because these are collectables you should keep them clean. Plushies are more popular with younger children so they have a tendency to get dirty. If you find that you would like to preserve them it is easy enough to run them through the wash in the gentle cycle and let them air dry. Although there are collectible plushies that I would never throw in the wash due to the materials that their wardrobe or accessories are made of, as seen here on the Keito Volcaloid Plushie.

Plushie collectors will find that specific characters incurr in value. I have purchased plushies ranging from $5.00 to as much as $30.00. We had purchased a Pokémon for $10.00 and at a recent anime conference we saw the same one for $60.00. Another point on how the plushies are made is something to be aware of. Take note of the stitching, some are released from the factory with defects. Make sure there are proportional on all sides.  An example can be seen on this Manafy's face as it is uneven:

A more prominent problem comes up with the stitching around their eyes. If they are off centered or the stitch runs the opposite ways on one eye and not the other it can be very apparent.

You will find that purchasing online may be less expensive. Yet, the risk you take is not being able to select it for yourself.

Therefore, store purchased or purchases at conferences give you the advantage as a collector to get the quality that you are paying for.
For the more enthusiastic creator, you can make your own plushy. Our favorite has been the human plushie. This is very easy as each body part is either a circle or an oblong. Once stitched and stuffed the fun part of your creation is how close you come to emulating the character through decorating with clothes, hair and art work for the face.

The hand made plushy below is a Oblio from the video game Dance Central 2.

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