Wigs can be fairly expensive but you can save money by repurposing the wig for various characters. Take into consideration that synthetic wigs will wear out faster with more use. I would like to suggest that you don’t go to cheap, as you can get more out of your wig over a longer period of time. Look at the material, polyester offers more durability and flexibility in styling. Please note some synthetic wigs should never be exposed to heating elements like curling irons or hair dryers as they will melt. Read the label. With some wigs you can use heating elements but still be careful if they are not made from human hair. Make sure that your flat Iron or curling iron has a dial where you can control the heat. Settings should be low or medium. The only hair that you can go high on is human hair. A full wig of human hair is very expensive. I personally use extensions. They run about $125.00 for a set of two 19” extensions that run the width of your head.

Another note is to keep your wigs maintained so that you get extra wear by washing and brushing them. Hot water and a mild or baby shampoo works well. Do use conditioner as this will help in keeping them detangle. If you still must brush your wig, do so once it’s dry.  Use a detangling brush, using small sections starting from the bottom.

I found a way to straighten frizzy or curly wigs. Set the wig up on a tripod in bathtub and pour extremely hot water on the wig. Then comb through conditioner. Run hot water a second time to get the conditioner out and let dry. It will dry straight.

Now here is a tip, if your character is much younger than you are, don't try and style the wig to fit the character completely, style it to fit your face first and then work around the traits of the character.

 With Madame Red's wig it really befits a much smaller and younger face. I chose to get a longer wig and then cut it down to where I felt it befit me.

You can also apply hair products such as gels, foams or hairspray to get the style you want.

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