Anime Terminology

Fan Fiction: Fan’s of a certain anime will spin off their own version of that anime and create new stories. The characters are still the same, the stories are different.

Fandom: To be a fan of a character that is celebrated using various forms of expressions.  Many will recreate the character through cosplay, art, video etc.

Inu: Dog

Kawaii-Desu: It is cute

Mary Sue: Pairing an original character with an existing character. This pair can then be put into artwork, stories or cosplay.

Neko: Cat

Original Character (O.C).: Ones own creation of a character that may be based on their own personality that they incorporate into an existing anime or manga. The stories are altered when the O.C. is incorporated into the story.

Otaku: Anime Lover (or Anime Geek)

Pairing: When characters within an anime or manga are in a romantic relationship.

Shipping: Altering the pairings with different sets of characters. Example instead of Superman and Lois Lane being the recognized romantic pair, the writer changes it to Superman and Wonder Woman.

Shounen: Action based series.  A group where there is a leader.  The group is predominantly male with the possibility of one female.  In some Shounen the female take the hero’s role.  Shounen revolves around battles and or one-on-one challenges.

Shoujo:  Drama based series.  The female dramas revolve around social interactions predominantly in high school.  The subject matter is includes romances.  In some cases more comedy would be found in Shoujo rather than Shounen.  The larger part of the drama focuses on teenagers and their challenges.