Are you an Otaku?

 How do you know if you are an anime lover?

  • When one book out of the series is not enough and you have to “catch them all”. 
  • When you can’t seem to make it out of the house without an anime key chain on your back pack or phone.
  • When you start identifying with your dolls as “plushies”
  • When you start yelling out “its’ not cartoons, its anime!”
  • When you look forward to an anime convention more than your own birthday.
  • When you’d rather wear a cosplay than a prom dressing
  • When all of your TIVO recordings are anime shows.
  • When your daily speech includes quotes from your favorite anime/video game.
  • When your daily fashion must include an anime key chain or button hanging from your pant loop, backpack or your purse.
  • Your bookmarker has a laminated picture of your favorite manga.
  • Your artwork on your walls were all purchased from an anime convention.
Most of all you can be goofy and have a good time doing it –