Anime like any topic may include graphic or sexual expression.  I want to explain this as there is a place for everything.  Three words that you may hear when coming across this topic will be; Hentai, Yuri and Yaoi.  Please let me explain before you shut this site down and run away.  Like anything, use your parental control. The places where you would find these topics would be like anything else, on the internet and at conventions where manga’s are sold.

Let me start with Yaoi.  This is focused on a male to male relationship.  Sometimes it may be on a sexual nature but Yaoi,  predominately is humorous as we see in today’s TV shows or movies.  More so what we call bro-friends.  Another way to see the interaction between these males may even be called a bro-mance.  Another take on this would be male to male relationship with out the sex.  It stays more to the story line that makes these men  vulnerable therefore making it humorous.

Yuri is the same take as Yaoi but female to female.  That being said, it has not become as popular as Yaoi.  It seems that the humor comes out more with the guys.

Hentai – well this I cannot mince my words.  This would be animated pornography either on video or in manga’s.  I personally have never seen this.  Neither has my daughter, so therefore this is something that can be controlled through settings on your computer or cable TV as well as knowing where not to go when at the convention.

Please note that the vendors are very conservative in there display of such books as they are kept in boxes and topics are noted to the outside of the container.  You will also know which vendors are selling these types of books as a sign or a flag is posted above their booth stating that it is Hentai, Yuri and Yaoi.  Another point regarding these vendors is that you will normally see them at the corners of the convention.  When you receive your badge you will also get a program that shares where all the vendors are posted.

I as a mother of an Otaku, I have taken the time to go to these conventions to gain awareness and share this with my child.  We have had conversations regarding these topics and what to stay away from.  All I can say is keep an open mind, if your child or teenager has a question to such topics, just talk it out.

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