BJD – Ball Joint Dolls

BJD – Ball Joint Dolls.  A BDJ is a doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints.  These dolls are originated from countries such as Japan, South Korea or China.  They are heavily influenced by anime as seen in these pictures.

Sizes can range from 4 to 24 inches.  These dolls started to become popular in 1999.

 The reason that BJD is in this section is I started to notice them this year as cosplays.  What I witnessed was the owners were carrying them around during the conference.  It seems as this is an alternative to cosplaying.  The doll is now the cosplay.  They can be customized to your favorite cosplay by the style of the dress, wig and even painting on the face.

The eyes on these dolls can also be swapped out.  Other cosplalyers may do a mini version of themselves through the doll or a character that is part of the anime series.  There are a variety of companies creating these dolls.   The materials can be from hard plastic to vinyl.  They are not unlike our own American commercial dolls that can be purchased today.  But the bigger difference is in their looks.  They follow an anime style that is very distinct in their facial expressions and dress.

There are companies out there that can customize your doll to your specifications.  This is a unique alternative to cosplaying.