Career’s in Anime

Embarking in to anime has brought about so many positive avenues for young artist.  I believe that this journey will open up careers to new and emerging markets within the anime and gaming communities.  The attached tabs are some of the fields that I have been able to review from my exploration into anime.

Graphic Arts

There is so much hand and digital art in anime that it gives way to many career opportunities.  Many publications that started in Japan have now made it to the U.S.  Del Rey, Harlequin and our favorite Dark Horse, are just some to name a few companies that have started publishing manga in the U.S.  In addition, anime magazines have created wider circulation.  Companies such as Otaku, Shounen Jump, NEO and Kiseki are some well known publications.  The magazines are chalked full of graphic art.  Who’s putting all this ink to paper?  Could this eventually be you?

Animation Production

Animations have made it onto our everyday programming and worldwide screening.  Long-time anime shows that have been out there for many years.  We can go back as for as 30 years and find cartoons like “Kimba the White Lion” and “Speed Racer” having made an impression on American programming.  In more recent years we find  anime shows like Pokémon are now making it to the forefront of daily television programming.

New anime’s as well have captured audiences and are creating a strong following like “The Legend of Korra”.  What has been more impressive is the dynamic animation and storyline from great animators like Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.  They are noted for movies such as Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service and the classic, Totoro.

This type of production lends itself well to illustrators, artist, story board making, and writers.  The list goes on.  Even if you’re not artistically talented and just want to be in and around this type of environment, there are many jobs to choose from.  Look at what your good at; accounting, marketing or even being a gofer is a step in the door.  Working for movie distributers is also another approach to getting into the world of anime.

Companies such as FUNimation offer internships that cover a wide variety jobs (and not grunt jobs either) to help you get started.  Other better know companies in the U.S. that also distribute anime are Sony, Viz Media and Disney/Buena Vista.  When rolling more into the online production of anime, other jobs that include Web design and IT services open up.  How cool would it be to work on Final Fantasy as a web designer?

Manga Writer

In the world of manga’s there are many directions you can go.  If you are talented enough to create the artwork and write it, you can become your own institution.  But I would suggest starting with established publishing companies that are out there.  Many of them still located in Japan like Tokyo Pop and Shounen Jump.  Here in the U.S. you can find companies like Viz Media out of San Francisco, Ca. another is Kodansha Publishing out of New York and Dark Horse out of Oregon to name a few.  Just to let you know, manga publishing has been on the rise since 2007.  Although the art of Manga has been around for a long time it has taken on a massive growth in the last few years.  If this is your calling, you are walking into this at a really good time.

 Voice Acting
With the growth of animation in movies, video’s and games, voice acting has also become more popular in the last few years.  Many of the anime movies and shows coming out of Japan are being translated into English because of their world wide popularity.  One example would be the evolution of Black Butler whose anime went from manga to online animation very quickly.  This of course is all in Japanese.  As this very popular animation started to take hold here in the U.S. many of the online stories were translated into English.  Therefore the need for English voice actors is growing.  With newer animated movies coming out more and more voice actors are being drawn to this genre.  To learn more about getting started in voice acting please visit the following website: