Fashion in anime doesn’t just end with Cosplayers it carries on into different designs that one can feel associated to just like everyday fashion.  But with anime fashion it takes on a whole new meaning.  With much of the flavor coming from Japan,  I have recently come to find that there are three categories in anime fashion.  There is Harajuku, Visual Kei and Lolita .  The following will help break down the differences between the three.

Harajuku, a well known city in Japan had started a tradition on every other weekend that younger crowds would dress up and hang out with one another sharing time together.  Dressing up allows them the freedom to be different.  Classically the Japanese all pretty much have similar features and dark hair.  These weekends allow them to break away from the norm and take on self expression through creative dress.  In the following pictures you will see brightly colored forms of Harajuku fashion.

Visual Kei would be better identified like our Punk or Goth era from the 80’s.  This is a “rock movement” being followed throughout Japan.  This is very popular today and we are finding it trickling into the U.S.A.

The picture below show a group from PMX cosplaying as the well known Japanese rock group “Gazette”.

Lolita fashion is depicted as Victoria style meets little girl.  This type of fashion is very feminine and can be found in many cosplayers, Harajuku and even at your own wedding.  Lolita style dresses can be very elaborate as well as somewhat on the sexy side.