Getting Started in Anime

The best place to get started is with the anime series Pokémon.  Other activities related to this are also the trading cards.  The cards themselves are artwork.  You can find in the art work of these playing cards how they give life to the character.  The cards and the playing board that they come with mimic the shows as seen on TV.  Another well known anime show popular with the younger audience is Yu-Gi-Oh. The premise behind this show is the strength of the cards and the strategy behind it.  The playing fields are the cards and the characters within them duel each other.  The story line comes from those possessing the cards and how they are used.

These cards also can be purchased at very popular stores like Target.  Lastly, a very similar show whose premise follows Yu-Gi-Oh is Bakugan.  The fun part about purchasing these cards is that they are made of metal and the character that come out of them are actually folded down into balls and don’t pop out until they are thrown onto the card and the power of magnets pop them open.  Again these two can be found at Target.

Mangas or comic books are another way to get started in Anime.  Naruto is a very popular television series that started as a manga.  You can find Naruto in various book stores.  I also feel that this is more appropriate for young children.  I will share in other parts of my website how mangas and different aspects of anime can be categorized by age.