How I got started in Cosplaying

I’ve always liked to dress up.  It’s a transformation that allows you to escape and be something else.  I mean we get to live in our own skin for our entire lives, why not escape it every once in a while. We all have since we were kids at Halloween.  Then I was exposed to the Renaissance Fair through a creative writing class in high School.  I have been going every since.  But with Cosplay through the world of Anime its a whole new story every time.  My first Cosplay was Madame Red from Black Butler.  A macabre tale but filled with such beautiful costumes.  I couldn’t resist, plus my daughter wanted to cosplay Madame’s counter part “Grell”.  How could I say no.   Then the weird world of Andrew Hussy’s HOMESTUCK hit the Anime scene through his online web comic about a boy, his friends and a game.  This became unending and there were so many story lines to pull from.  I had cosplayed ROXY and the Disciple at two separate cons.  My last one was at Wonder Con this year.  Well being that Wonder Con targets DC comics I decided to Cosplay Katana from Suicide Squad.  What, you thought I was going to say Harley Quin.  Give me a break, I’m to old.  Regardless you are never to old to Cosplay!

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2 thoughts on “How I got started in Cosplaying”

    1. Thank you for your comment. My daughter is an artist from the time she could hold a crayon she showed to have a lot of talent. But her interest in anime always set her apart. Let’s just say she wasn’t into Barbie. When she started to research more into her favorite anime manga’s and shows, she came across anime conferences that hosted the opportunity for one to exhibit their fandom for their favorite character. She felt very attracted to this almost in an environment where she belonged. She was entering her teen years and seeing her lack of association to the mainstream I felt I wanted to get involved. I researched through the internet and YouTube what this was all about. It became very clear how exciting this world really was. As you can read throughout my website I break the Anime Conferences into many topics that span from artistic expression to the career’s. In relationship to how I got involved was just the shear community of it all. I went to my first anime conference in 2007 where my daughter and her friends all dressed from the same anime. Another mother and myself chaperoned. Well I found myself wanting to be in cosplay as well. But the idea of cosplay or costume role play is just that. You are role playing a character that you identify with and can really pull it off. So a true cosplayer doesn’t their craft lightly. The other aspect of the conference is getting stopped by fans of the character you are portraying to get your picture taken. Then are the professional photographers and videographers that also what to record you. Its a real ego boost. I have not perfected my craft as well as my daughter has. She is now at a private art college and has very much found her place in the world. I give a lot credit to the world of anime. As far as for me, well I’m just getting started. Next is to find my perfect character to cosplay. I hope this has helped better outline my journey. Please feel free to also visit my FACEBOOK page to see more about this wonderful world of Anime.

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