How I got started in Cosplaying

I’ve always liked to dress up.  It’s a transformation that allows you to escape and be something else.  I mean we get to live in our own skin for our entire lives, why not escape it every once in a while. We all have since we were kids at Halloween.  Then I was exposed to the Renaissance Fair through a creative writing class in high School.  I have been going every since.  But with Cosplay through the world of Anime its a whole new story every time.  My first Cosplay was Madame Red from Black Butler.  A macabre tale but filled with such beautiful costumes.  I couldn’t resist, plus my daughter wanted to cosplay Madame’s counter part “Grell”.  How could I say no.   Then the weird world of Andrew Hussy’s HOMESTUCK hit the Anime scene through his online web comic about a boy, his friends and a game.  This became unending and there were so many story lines to pull from.  I had cosplayed ROXY and the Disciple at two separate cons.  My last one was at Wonder Con this year.  Well being that Wonder Con targets DC comics I decided to Cosplay Katana from Suicide Squad.  What, you thought I was going to say Harley Quin.  Give me a break, I’m to old.  Regardless you are never to old to Cosplay!

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