Why Anime?

“Because we can’t do half of the stuff they can do”, answered Lauren, my Otaku daughter.  To expand, anime has in depth story lines that can keep you entertained much more than cartoons.  They are action packed, adventures, drama, comedy and so much more.  You really have to experience it for yourself.

As you will find further in this website Anime can be broken down into several categories.  The one that I see has the most attraction is cosplay.  Cosplay is dressing up as your favorite character from a manga, movie, comic or video game.   Cosplay does bleed over into Marvel comics so if you see Iron Man at an anime convention don’t be surprised.

The other big attraction to anime as a parent I have found comes from the modern day Japanese culture.  This can be found from their Lolita dresses to Japanese rock.  It is very different, but not so different from our own teenagers interest.  They play video games on their DS players, they read books about adventures and they like unusual food, but all with an Asian flavor.