Steampunk is a genre based on the mix of technology and fantasy with 19th century fashion.  The premise is an alternative history whereby technology is dependent on steam run machinery.  The concept revolves around far reaching fantasy of airships and fantastic inventions.  They are futuristic with a retro play on their overbuilt gears and mechanisms.  I don’t feel that this is cosplay as there is no reenacting within Steampunk as each costume is unique and original.  The accessories that you find within Steampunk may include mechanical apertures that are highly detailed with gears, cogs and watch parts that are born from materials such as brass or cooper.  In a way it actually molds what the future could have been without oil, fiber optics or modern technology.  The outfits revolve around 19th century corseted gowns and jackets paired with leather boots and pants.  Men may add trench coats and top hats.  It reminds me of a cross between Jules Verne meets the “Wild West”.

Other aspects that come into play are the accessories such as jewelry, eye gear or weapons that actually look like pieces of art.  You can find pieces for sale to add to your look but I think most authentic Steampunk wearers create their adornments from scratch.  Many of the pieces can be found in yard sales and vintage shops. You can also find many accessories to help build your unique additions at the local craft stores.

Bionic steampunk.  Cool gears spirt gum to the face.

Homemade gun from an old Nerf gun

Steampunk has even claimed musical acts that are based on this genre. Yet, there is not a set type of music.  Abney Park puts out a sultry sound through a strong bass and drum beat sweetened by a soft violin.  The band is geared up with Steampunk fashion accented with all sorts of gadgets to adorn their stage setting.  Then you have “The Men that Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing “.  They have a hard stomping sound that you would get from an Irish gig.  Even Nicky Minaj has tapped into Steampunk styled with her video “Turn Me On”.

But my absolute favorite is Steam Powered Giraffe.  The harmony along with their beat and lyrics is beyond.  I can’t get enough of the song “Honey Bee”.  As I asked Bunny (vocal lead) what was behind the song, she shared that it was giving of yourself to much when putting another on a pedestal to the point you lose yourself.  I just love that it was so raw and honest.  I got the chance to see them twice in concert.  They are very family driven and uniquely entertaining. Trust me you just need to go see them.