It goes without saying in this day and age you need to have your technology with you.  Of course during your time at conventions you will need to record the moment as you don’t want to miss anything.  The level of cosplaying, gaming and celebrity watching must be capture.  Why?  To post on our social media, why else.  So what is the best ways to do this.  Cell phones are so compact and now offer cameras that are so advanced, it’s not a problem to be able to record, capture and selfie everything around you.  The question is what else can you do to make it easier and refine your images.


Lets start with something small but powerful.  The 360 degree camera by Banne.  Offers 360 Panoramic video and improved photo stitching. Comes equipped with dual 220 degree wide-angle fish eye lenses.  It also comes with a variety of mounts.  It’s perfect for immersive super wide-angle video and photography.

Found:  Amazon

Best Price:  $139.99



For iPhone and Samsung users that are looking for a variety in their lenses options try the Phone Camera Lens, Hizek 5 in 1 Universal Clip On Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 7/7 Plus /6s/6/5, Samsung S7/S7 Edge.   This offers a flexible clip that provides easy switching for a variety of lenses.

Found:  Amazon

Best Price $21.99



Another quick and easy to pick up a wider field of view is the VAVA Phone Lens Cellphone Camera Lens Kit.  It allows to capture a wider field of view with more people in it while keeping every shot clear and preventing distortion.

Found:  Amazon

Best Price: $14.99

We all can take pictures with our phone and share them with our friends but what happens when you finally meet you idol and want an autograph.  What about an autograph on a picture with you and your idol.  Now you can print out your pictures right away with the HP Sprocket Photo Printer. 2″x3″ pictures with sticky back.  Get your pics through your phone via Bluetooth or connect to your social media accounts. It is pocket sized and wireless.  Image that!!  They come in three colors:  White, Black and Red.




Found: Amazon

Best Price: $128.00

Don’t forget to get extra Sticky Back paper:  HP ZINK(R) Sticker Photo Paper for HP Sprocket Printer (2×3-inch), 20 Sheets.

Found: Amazon

Best Price: $9.99


Not everyone is a Cosplayer that go to conventions.  Maybe you are the photographer.  This actually should go under the career’s in Anime.  A lot of professional and semi-professional photographers gain their popularity through shooting Cosplayers during the convention or at specially designed areas of the convention set up for photography.  Here you can find different settings such as “Outer Space” “The Classroom” or a “Haunted House”.  Individuals or the photographer can choreograph the setting with his selected group of Cosplayers and post his pics on social media or their own website to support their portfolio.  Actually this is great for the Cosplayer to as they start to earn notoriety.

As a photographer time is of the essence.  You want to take your picture or video and post as soon as possible.  The following cameras give you the latest technology through WIFI to get you media out there fast and with quality results.

Canon EOS T7i DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens – Built in Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth. Plus you can video record as well.

Found:  Amazon

Best Price $849.99

If you are looking for more accessories this may be what you are looking for: Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera Bundle with Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens + Tamron Zoom Telephoto AF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Macro Autofocus Lens + 2 PC 16 GB Memory Card + Camera Case

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Best Price $1,349.00